• TOGY launches Gabon 2013

    The first edition of The Oil & Gas Year Gabon 2013, was launched at the Okoume Palace Hotel, Libreville, on September 4, 2013. The report, was endorsed by and produced in partnership with the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Water Resources, the Agency of Promotion of Investments and Exportations, and Union Pétrolière Gabonaise. The Oil & Gas Year Gabon 2013 thoroughly examines developments in every sector of the Gabonese hydrocarbons industry.

    The launch saw the awarding of the Man of the Year Prize to the Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Water Resources, Etienne Ngoubou, for his success in leading the development of the Gabonese oil and gas industry. Other recipients included Total Gabon, which won the Upstream Project of the Year award. The French super-major spudded the first pre-salt ultra-deep well in its Diaba block, resulting in the preliminary discovery of gas reserves, announced in August. Houston-headquartered oil production firm VAALCO was given the Field Redevelopment Plan of the Year award for its $500 million investment in its offshore Etame complex. Shell Gabon received the CSR Project of the year award for its involvement in the construction of 53 kilometers of road from Moungagara to Loubomo. The Gabonese Development of the Year award recognised the creation and first crude shipment of the state-owned Gabon Oil Company. The founding of the Gabon Fertilizer Company, spearheaded by Singapore-based Olam International, received the Downstream Project of the Year award.

    The Oil & Gas Year Gabon 2013 brings together the key stakeholders in the nation’s hydrocarbons industry from both public and private sectors. President Ali Bongo Ondimba honoured this edition with his comments on the future of Gabon’s oil industry. The report also features Total Gabon CEO Benoît Chagué, Shell Gabon general manager Godson Njoku, and Perenco’s general manager in Gabon, Denis Chatelan. 

    The Oil & Gas Year Gabon 2013 provides an in-depth analysis of the potential impact of the future developments of oil exploration in the Gabonese ultra-deep pre-salt region, discussing opportunities for the country’s growth and the challenges that lay ahead.  These issues include the difficulties facing oil and gas companies when looking for qualified personnel to fill their ranks while attempting to respect local content quotas, as well as the logistical limitations of maritime infrastructure in Libreville and Port-Gentil.