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Truckers to strike in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, June 13, 2018 – Argentine truck drivers led by several unions will commence a strike on Thursday, local media reported Wednesday.

Following failed negotiations with the government, the drivers are demanding a 27% salary increase. The unions are also protesting Argentina’s recent utilities hikes and subsequent involvement with the IMF for a new USD 50-billion credit line amid the economy’s destabilisation.


“We are going through an economic recession with great inequality and we have people suffering from adjustment policies that are now going to worsen as the president plunges us into the arms of the IMF,” said Hugo Yasky of the Argentine Workers’ Centre union.

Unions have called on drivers to halt cargo transports around the country, and public offices will be closed, with the drivers hoping to create the kind of disruption experienced in Brazil two weeks ago during a massive countrywide protest by truckers over fuel pricing policies.

“Not even a wheelbarrow will be moved,” General Confederation of Labour head Hugo Moyano told local reporters.

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